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Horror in Literature: From Novels to Reddit

The concept of horror is one of the oldest genres in storytelling. Early tribes would tell ghost stories of demons and monsters as a way to warn of the dangers of the unknown and the world they live in. These stories would be past down from one generation to the next, evolving over time. These

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Zombie Media: Should It Stay In The Grave?

Walkers. Zed heads. Biters. The Undead. Zombie. For decades, what we’ve come to know as the classic brain devourer risen from the dead has flooded mainstream media with endless waves of adaptations and interpretations.  Well regarded as the GodFather of the modern zombie, George A. Romero created the first imagined creation that all future iterations

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The Rise and Fall (and Rise Again) of the Found Footage Era

Found footage films, we hate to love them, but they have become such an intricate part of modern cinema. Used as a technique in tribute to epistolary novels, the found footage film parodies a documentary-like method to convince the audience that what they are watching is within the realm of plausibility. This technique is milked

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