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Horror in Literature: From Novels to Reddit

The concept of horror is one of the oldest genres in storytelling. Early tribes would tell ghost stories of demons and monsters as a way to warn of the dangers of the unknown and the world they live in. These stories would be past down from one generation to the next, evolving over time. These

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Cthulhu Day: All Hail!

To commemorate this most glorious of days and pay proper tribute to our lord and master, Cthulhu, let’s not delve into his literary creator but rather focus on the achievements, influences, and gifts bestowed to us by the Great Elder One. This day is his (it’s?) day after all and not H.P. Lovecraft’s.  I’m sure

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David Wong: A New Twist

The Nerd and Co welcomes you to its first, of hopefully many, literary reviews for those of you who prefer the musty smell of dust on books. This isn’t just to glorify the greats. If you want someone to give J.K. Rowling, Tolkein, or George R.R. Martin an ego boost, look somewhere else, literally anywhere

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