Bad Batch : A New Hope

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Star Wars fans rejoice! Disney has finally released the trailer for the first of what will be endless Star Wars content in the Bad Batch. For those unfamiliar with the intricacies of Star War lore, allow me to learn you something. The Bad Batch is a group of slightly defective clone troopers during the Prequel/Republic era. These genetic deviations allow them greater sentience and specializations than your average clone trooper. They are the best of the best (Eat your heart out 501st) and are sent on the most dangerous of missions that no soldier in their right mind would take on. 5 clones consisting of Crosshair, Wrecker, Tech, Echo, and their leader Hunter. “Troop 99” as they are designated, were introduced in the final season of Clone Wars and were set up from the get go to be incredible badasses who deserve their own show… or do they?

With production receiving a noticeable bump in quality, fans are clamoring for more Clone Wars styled animations.

Season 7 of Clone Wars was a bit of much needed closure for fans of the iconic Cartoon Network show. It brought the era to a neat close by crossing over into the events of Episode 3 and depicting the beginnings of the tragic order 66 which ushered in the age of the Empire. So why do we need this show? I’ll tell you why in the words of the great crustacean philosopher, Mr. Eugene Krabs, “Money”. After watching the trailer with cautious optimism as any Star Wars fan is wont to do after the Disney debacle that is the sequels, I found myself immensely whelmed.

 For starters the animation is a gorgeous realization of the style popularized by the 2003 Clone Wars Season 1. The style grew more refined as the budget increased with subsequent seasons but 18 years later it appears to have reached its final form. Another strong pro was the immediate and necessary realization that Temuera Morrison is reprising his role as every single clone which is the only option for voice talent for the rest of time. The trailer is simply a compilation of several action sequences and banter between the clones while introducing a new character that appears to be a child with a sick looking energy bow that’s actually pretty fresh to see in this universe. With all of that being said we are not let in on any particular plot specifics which isn’t inherently necessary but does raise a question in me. What story is there left to tell? Between the 7 seasons of the Clone Wars, countless comic books, 3 films, and novelizations, what story is there left to tell in the prequel era? Another possible example of Disney being incapable of leaving well enough alone.

I won’t immediately dismiss the show and will be there for its stream launch but without a tangible plot at this time, and a focus on characters that undoubtedly have to exist within this era, I wonder what can be offered still as a fan besides top of the line animation and stellar voice acting. Although as anyone reading this far would know, we as Star Wars fans are beholden to even the most mediocre of content so I will be seeing you on Disney+ on May the 4th for the release of this brand new installment of our favorite universe. We can only hope it delivers and if it doesn’t… “Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope.”

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