New Live Action Resident Evil Announced: Welcome To Raccoon City

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Breaking News out of the virtual SXSW from director Johannes Roberts that a brand new Resident Evil movie is in the works. 20 years after the very first… iconic? Franchise based on the legendary video game of the same name was launched. The original Resident Evil movies directed by Paul W.S. Anderson and starring Milla Jovovich, united video game aficionados and cinephiles alike against the common cause that was this franchise. They ranged from mediocre to outright nonsense but were mostly a good time… mostly. I think audiences are about 10 years overdue for a much more faithful adaption of the Shinji Mikami classic which reportedly has its cast already selected and announced.

Above: Robbie Amell & Kaya Scodelario as Chris and Claire Redfield

Below: Avon Jogia & Hannah John Kamen as Leon S. Kennedy and Jill Valentine

Set in 1998 Resident Evil: Welcome To Raccoon City will adapt the plot of the first 2 games taking us from the beginnings of the viral spread, to the iconic mansion all the way to the police station from the second game. The movie will also include Chris and Claire Redfield as well as the unlucky Leon S. Kennedy. Roberts also discusses in an interview with IGN his influence from legendary horror director John Carpenter which bodes extremely well for this upcoming movie. As a franchise, Resident Evil has had ups and downs that span at least 2 generations but it appears we’re entering a silver age for lovers of all things T-Virus. Along with this promising movie being announced, there is a CGI Netflix film as well as a live action TV series in the works. Not to mention the highly anticipated next gen Resident Evil 8 which I cannot wait to get my hands on. It seems the undead craze isn’t quite 6 feet under yet so stock up on your ink ribbons and herbs to prepare for Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, in theaters September, 3, 2021

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