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Mental Illness in Superheroes

The month of May marks Mental Health Awareness Month, and let’s face it, this can be a sensitive subject for most. As someone who recurrently deals with mental illness it can often be a very sore subject to tackle, but what has helped me personally is to see this struggle reflected in the things I

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Mortal Kombat 101: Everything You Need To Know

Titans, realms, elder gods and kamidogus (don’t worry if you have no idea what that is). Just a small handful of the beings and creations that inhabit and shape the landscape of the  Mortal Kombat universe. The lore surrounding the popular franchise has an overwhelming number of personalities and timelines to keep track of that

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Horror in Literature: From Novels to Reddit

The concept of horror is one of the oldest genres in storytelling. Early tribes would tell ghost stories of demons and monsters as a way to warn of the dangers of the unknown and the world they live in. These stories would be past down from one generation to the next, evolving over time. These

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